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FAQ Digital Pack

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What’s AOLONE’ s Digital Pack?
The Digital Pack is an on line promotion presenting your company, your products and your services over the Internet.  

What’s AOLONE’ s Digital Pack used for?
The Digital Pack publishes your products on international search engines and business web sites. This dramatically increases your products and services visibility towards your potential customers.

What’s the advantage of AOLONE’ s Digital Pack?
It’s an online advertisement, which also offers the possibility for the customer to order immediately. The Digital Pack  is like a TV ad but it is interactive, thus allowing a direct and instant sale.

Do I need a web site for AOLONE’ s Digital Pack?
No. Any person willing to sell online can subscribe to this service, even without a web site.  

Can I sell anywhere with AOLONE’ s Digital Pack?
Yes. You can sell your products in the whole world or target your campaign by country or by geographic zone.

Does AOLONE’ s Digital Pack exist in several languages?
The Digital Pack is mainly done in English and also translated in more than 80 other languages, with NO additional translation costs.

Does this service include Digital advice?
Yes. Our International Strategy consultants are at your disposal to answer any of your queries regarding Digital Strategies.   

Can I check  my results on the Internet?
You will receive a monthly or weekly report that will give you the results of your Digital promotion on the search engines and business sites.  

Is there an on line sales support? If so, is it free?  
Yes and it’s free. A consultant is dedicated to your project and he assists you for the whole duration of the service. He is at your disposal to answer your questions, to advise you or to discuss with you the results featured in the reports we send you.   

Why chose AOLONE’ s Digital Pack for my company?
The Digital Packs is an efficient and quick way to increase your sales online and your brand awareness. Besides, this service is done over a one-year period, with monthly or weekly promotion and publications.   

What’s the price of AOLONE’ s Digital Pack?
The price of the Digital Pack start at 4500 euros, without taxes, for a professional service over 12 months !

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